Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Southern Poverty Law Center: A Leftwing Propaganda Machine

Yesterday, when looking for images of one of my favorite bloggers (and long time internet friends), I was surprised to see a nasty story about him on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center (the SPLC).

They described him as a "racist and white-supremacist." He's nothing of the sort. Once again, as they have done countless times before, the SPLC slandered a conservative figure with total disregard for the truth. As usual, they provided no specifics to prove that this individual was a "racist," and relied on innuendo and "guilt by association" commentary. He was once a member of the "white supremacist and racist League of the South." Hey, so was I. The only problem is that the League of the South was not "white supremacist or racist. " At least it wasn't in its early days, when my friend and I were members. I haven't really looked into its political positions as they may have evolved since then.

In the early days of the League of the South, various groups were vying for control. There was a very definite racist faction, small and vocal, and here I will define "racism" as being a strong antipathy towards black people and other non-whites. The anti-racist faction fought this racial antipathy and didn't want it to be part of the League. They wanted membership open to all. The individual slandered by the SPLC, as described above, was a leader of the anti-racist faction. When the book "the Bell Curve" came out, describing a lower average IQ for black people, this individual refused to believe it. He stated publicly that he didn't believe that God would do that to black people. He even came up with arguments from other authors to refute the Bell Curve.

This high-mindedness, however, proved to be of no benefit to leftist slimes like the SPLC. On their website they brag about how they cost this individual a job by revealing his "extremist past" to his employer. The only problem is that he has no "extremist past," unless being a libertarian makes you one. Oh yes, and a former member of the League of the South.

He later left the League, as did I; I won't go into the reasons. However, note the SPLC's highly refined sliming technique. They pick out a conservative organization and declare it to be "extremist" and "racist." Now that they have defined it as such, they can declare that you have "an extremist past" if you've ever been a member!

You are an "extremist" only by their subjective definition, not by objectively proven facts. Also, your alleged "extremism" is based only on your peaceful, political beliefs that you pursue in peaceful ways. Most people think of an "extremist" as someone who blows things up and murders people. However, to the SPLC, an extremist is anyone who doesn't agree with them, no matter how peaceful or lawful they are otherwise.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is in the business of slander to achieve political and financial ends. It's a great way to marginalize conservatives who are becoming too effective, and it's a great advertising gimmick for the SPLC, who can claim that they are "fighting hate" when all they are really doing is desseminatng vicious propaganda. Notable conservatives like David Horowitz (for opposing reparations for slavery) and Michelle Malkin (for opposing illegal immigration) have been SPLC targets in the recent past. (A great project would be to list all conservatives who have ever been called a "racist" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It would be a long list.)

Anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration is a potential target. The SPLC will call you a "nativist" and a "hater." What then can be done about illegal immigration, in the eyes of the SPLC? Absolutely nothing. Anyone who wants to come in can come in, citizen or not, and we are powerless to stop them, lest we be labeled "racists," "nativists," or "extremists" by the SPLC.

The SPLC is despicable. Someone really needs to sue their asses off.

It would be time consuming and expensive, and the plaintiff would be treated to public excoriation, slime and slander on a massive scale by the SPLC. I suppose that's why no one has sued them before. Also, they are an organization of leftwing attorneys and have plenty of in-house counsel, so getting sued wouldn't cost them the massive fortune it costs the targets of their slander.

What can you do? Here are a few thoughts:
1. Don't quote the Southern Poverty Law Center on any statistics regarding "hate" or "racism." Hate and racism, to the far left, is anything that impedes the socialist revolution. The SPLC is not a credible source of such statistics.

2. Be aware that the SPLC has a serious political agenda, that it is far left, and that it colors all of their beliefs, practices and public statements. On the question of racism, "white-supremacy" and extremism, they are the boy crying wolf. They are not remotely objective and are dishonest and unfair.

Give them a wide berth.

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