Sunday, March 28, 2010

Au Revoir, DRZZ: a Great French Blog Discontinues Operations

UPDATE: is saved!  Three French conservatives have agreed to take over operation of the site so that it will continue!

The French conservative blog DRZZ has announced it will cease operations on April 2nd.  That makes me sad, as DRZZ is a great blog, a great defender of liberty and freedom.

Most of the DRZZ writers will be continuing their efforts on other blogs and venues, so I will post new links as soon as I have them.

DRZZ, mes copains, au revoir, à bientôt, until we see you again.

My translation of their announcement is below.
Today we are announcing sad news concerning the publication of Drzz.ino. will disappear April 2nd, due to new plans and directions.  Actually, it is the blog itself that will disappear, as several of our authors have already decided to continue writing on other sites.
They will tell you about it themselves in the posts they will publish up until the termination date.  Stay in touch until next Friday to learn where and how you can continue reading the posts and analyses by the best authors of this site.
Since August of 2006, has covered national and international issues with 50,000 visitors each month, 500 subscribers and 120,000 pages read each month.  5.000 articles have been published in little more than three years.  Interviews with uncommon personalities allowed us to be noticed in several countries, and to gain access to notable people. has been an uncommon adventure, a novel site in the French blogosphere.  It will continue -- in another form certainly -- but it will continue.
We warmly thank you for your interest and support of  We invite you to take note of the links that our authors will post, and to follow them in their new battles for liberty.
The seeds that were planted by have borne magnificent fruit.  Our articles have allowed us to define the civilizational struggles of our generation, for democracy and the rights of individuals; for Divine and universal principles that unite under our common banner, that of the Israeli patriot and the Iraqui voter, of the divine power dear to Pascal, that has inspired us to oppose green totalitarianism.
Nothing will be lost when disappears from search engines on April 2nd.  On the contrary, thousands of readers from throughout the world have been inspired by its arguments and have carried the fight forward.   New sites have been created and the debate carried forward, and allies convinced by what was written, defended and analyzed on this site.  This is the best compliment that has been paid to the intriguing concept known as Drzz, created one 5th of August, 2006.
With our warmest thanks,
The publishers of

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