Sunday, March 14, 2010

Insurrection by Insolvency & the Coffee Party

Apparently, there is a new liberal/left movement called "the Coffee Party" that is trying to simultaneously emulate and oppose the Tea Party movement.  Of course, the Coffee Party is a pretentious put-on, not a genuine grassroots groundswell like the Tea Parties.   To use the proper word, the Coffee Party is astroturf -- fake.

Left Coast Rebel and Another Black Conservative have been covering the story quite well; refer to their blogs for lots of background and up-to-date information.

The Democrats' Marxist health care bill is still under heavy bombardment and it is not certain that it will ever pass; but don't assume it will not.  We are having a war here in America, one that does not involve violence, except the violence to the Constitution and our economic health.  The radical Democrats are using debt to destroy America.  It is revolution by bankruptcy, sedition by insolvency.

If you hate American sovereignty, economic prosperity and national security, do indeed join the Coffee Party (also known as "the Commie Party").  Flavor that brew with a little arsenic and you too can be a member of the self-hating, suicidal left -- and with the same result.

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