Saturday, March 27, 2010

Democrat Grayson Threatens Republicans: Bring It On, Wimp-Boy

Donald Douglas has an  interesting post up at American Power this morning.  It features a video of a Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson stating that "all Republicans have left is fear and hatred" and that "we have to get rid of Republicans entirely."

Brave words from a member of the Party of Treason, to which I reply, "Bring it on, Grayson."

Douglas has another video of a liberal calling for the deaths of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.

Earlier this week, these sick bastards were claiming that Republicans were inspiring and instigating violence against the Democrat traitors who forced socialism on an unwilling nation.  Now Douglas has shown it is the Dems themselves who are violent, hateful, intolerant and dangerous.

American patriots have long defended themselves from stronger and better thugs than our modern Democrats, and we will defend ourselves and the Constitution from the internal threat that they now pose.

The Republic may yet be preserved, but it is not clear whether that preservation will proceed via the ballot box or through a new American revolution.  Or as Bro says, "Buy ammo."  Just in case it is the latter.

It is time, as I have been saying for many months, for the red states to form a new coalition and alliance, for their common defense against the political abuses and usurpations being foisted upon us by the Party of Treason.

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