Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dems Have the Votes: We Move from Opposition to Active Resistance

According to Roll Call, the Democrats now have more than the 216 votes they needed to pass Marxist health care.

We now move from opposition into active resistance:  nullification, litigation, civil disobedience and open refusal to go along, possibly leading to secession of some states.  I suspect this will lead to new political associations and alliances, some of which cannot be immediately foreseen.  Imagine a new coalition of states willing to share state militias and national guards for their common defense against Washington.

It could happen, but only if it becomes obvious there is no legal redress at the ballot box or before the Supreme Court.  A ballot box revolution is preferable to a shooting one.  However, I suspect we will have our revolution sooner or later, in one form or the other.

A Conservative Teacher writes:
Some Democrats, liberals, and Loyalists even seem a little scared that the continual erosion of liberties and freedom and the increasing taxes and regulations and fees might even spark a revolution. They accuse these patriots of being divisive, feeling that people should just roll over when faced by a determined tyrant.
America was built on the concept of "the consent of the governed."  With the coming of socialism, many of us consent no longer.

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