Monday, March 29, 2010

FBI Raids and Arrests "Christian" Militia for Planned Violence

There's a story on the news about how the FBI raided a fanatical sect of "Christians" in Michigan who were planning to murder police officers.  Naturally the Left is trying to make political hay, saying that this is evidence of "a rising risk of far-right violence."  Nine men were arrested.  Wow, that's quite an uprising all right.

There have been various kooks and nuts who claimed to be Christians in the past, and yes, such nuts do exist.  Look at the sick group who celebrate the deaths of soldiers by picketing their funerals. However, neither they nor the Hutaree militia are typical and Christian doctrine does not command Christians to commit acts of violence on police officers or anyone else.  This is quite different from Islam, a violent religion that does indeed preach violence, murder, plunder and rape as part of its religious doctrine.  See Moscow for a recent example.  Nevertheless, the Left will bring up the Hutarees as moral equivalents the next time there is a Muslim terrorist attack.

This morning Officer Vic on KSFO radio questioned the timing of the FBI raid -- on the same weekend of the hugely successful Tea Party in Searchlight, Nevada.  One might surmise that the planned raid had a dual purpose: (1) to arrest potentially violent fanatics, and (2) to create a connection in the minds of the public between "Christian" extremists and Tea Party members.

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