Sunday, March 28, 2010

Democrats Are Playing the Race Card Big Time

What does a Democrat do when the public is outraged at his party for passing an unpopular health bill?  What does he do when he knows he had better dust off his resume and begin looking for a new job come November?

Simple:  he does what Democrats always do in a tight spot, he starts screaming "RAA-AA-CISM!"

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are now doing their best to paint Republicans as "racists."  It is their usual Saul Alinsky style dirty tricks.  They can't win an honest argument so they attempt to create a false controversy to divert public attention from the real issue of Democrat-imposed socialism.

After using extreme measures to pass their unpopular health bill, Democrats claimed that they were being "threatened" by Republicans, and that certain Democrats were insulted with racial or homphobic epithets.

Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote that members of the Black Caucus were called the N-word 15 times by the Tea Party protestors in DC last weekend.  However, there is no video or other evidence that it happened even once.  No video evidence, in spite of Jesse Jackson Jr. earnestly scanning the crowd with two video cameras in an effort to collect some.

See Michelle Malkin's column today for full details, i.e. "Who's Perpetuating Lies, Stereotypes and Ignorance?"  Even better is her column "How the Left Fakes Hate:  A Primer."

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