Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Right-Wing "Hate": Don't Take the Democrat Bait

Answer a question for me.  Will you agree to stop beating your wife?  Yes or no.  Why won't you answer?  Well there you have it folks.  Mr. Reader has REFUSED to stop beating his wife.  YOU CUR!  You LOWLIFE!  Have you no SHAME?

Hey wait a minute!  You might object to the question because it implies guilt on your part.  No matter how you answer it, you are found guilty.  It is a question designed to put you on the defensive, to make you sweat and look bad.

Democrat operatives know this trick well.  Consider this.

MoveOn.Org, is planning a rally outside of Republican headquarters tomorrow to "condemn the hate."  What hate?  First off, no one has proven that there is any problem with Republican "hate" that requires a rally.  MoveOn's rally is built on a false premise and they know it.  The schemes and subterfuges of the Left are so transparent it is positively embarrassing.  In the political arena, hate is prominent and vicious from the Left, but far more scarce and muted on the Right.'s gambit is not to "condemn the hate," but to insinuate into the public mind that conservatives are dangerous crazies who are boiling with rage, ready to go postal at any minute.  The falling popularity of Democrats and the success of the Tea Parties are not the result of widespread opposition to Obama's radical policies. No, they are the result of some baseless and inexplicable "hate."  

When Democrat pundits and reporters ask GOP and Tea Party leaders to "condemn the hate,"  they are really asking for a tacit admission that the charge is true, that "hate" is a major problem on the Right.  Conservatives cannot and should not give credence to the false charge.  They must not become unwilling stooges in the Left's bogus drama.

If you are new to politics, this latest initiative by the Left should prove instructive.  Politics are largely a mind-game and often the game gets dirty.  Don't fall for it.

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