Monday, March 15, 2010

Only a Fascist Would Oppose Nazi Immigration

I was too occupied being occupied this past week, so neglected to comment on Glenn Beck's comment about Geert Wilders.  Beck called Wilders a "fascist" for opposing all Islamic immigration into the Netherlands.  After all, not all Muslims are terrorists.   I believe Charles Krauthammer also voiced some similar naive nonsense.

That about does it for me with regards to Beck.  What a schmuck.  Wilders opposes Muslim immigration because of their core ideology of violence, hatred and subversion.  True, some are less enthusiastic about practicing it than others.  Heck, I even know a few Mormons who like to drink.  There's hope for everyone.

But facts are facts.  A lukewarm Muslim may see the light and become a zealot.  Many of them do.  Or their kids do.  They have this nasty little book called the Qur'an.  It tells them to ambush infidels, chop off their heads, rape their women, steal their booty, etc.  Apparently, there are some people who think all religion is good, even when it preaches and practices evil.

Would we hold the same immigration standard for millions of practicing Communists?  How about practicing cannibals?  Head hunters?  Practitioners of human sacrifice?  Practicing Nazis?  After all, not all of them were members of the SS.

No, of course not.

Should these nasty folk wish to come to America (or the Netherlands) and kill us, they will first need to establish their ideology as a religion.  Then it will be okay and even tax-exempt.  Just ask Glenn Beck.

See also:  Carol's excellent essay on the controversy.

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