Sunday, August 04, 2013

American Society Inundated With Racial Extremism

Ever since Barack Obama was elected president, racial divisions in this country have grown to absurd proportions.  For those who imagined that electing "the first black president" would move us into a "post-racial" era of good feelings and unity, this is a shock.  It is the exact opposite of what they expected.

Now more than ever, we hear blacks and the kooky-left spinning tales of Klansmen and Nazis emerging everywhere; Tea Partiers are publicly described as "racists" by such pond scum as Rep Charlie Rangel of New York:
In an interview with the Daily Beast published Friday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested Tea Partiers are the “same group” who fought for segregation during the Civil Rights movement.

“It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked,” Rangel said.

Because of this, Rangel said the Tea Party could be defeated using the same tactics employed against Jim Crow.
(Hat tip:  Gateway Pundit via Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Meanwhile, The Other McCain describes a movie review by a Salon writer named Andrew O'Hehir, in which O'Hehir reviews the feel-good, true tale of the famous racehorse Secretariat.  O'Hehir sees Nazi references and white supremacy in every inch of the celluloid, including the "lambent lighting" of the film, which is no doubt similar to the light cast off by a burning cross.  McCain quotes O'Hehir:
the welcoming glow that imbues every corner of this nostalgic horse-racing yarn with rich, lambent color comes from within, as if the movie itself is ablaze with its own crazy sense of purpose. (Or as if someone just off-screen were burning a cross on the lawn.) I enjoyed it immensely, flat-footed dialogue and implausible situations and all. Which doesn’t stop me from believing that in its totality “Secretariat” is a work of creepy, half-hilarious master-race propaganda almost worthy of Leni Riefenstahl, and all the more effective because it presents as a family-friendly yarn about a nice lady and her horse.
There is no question that Andrew O'Hehir is nuts.  However, only 99.6% of leftists are completely insane, and yet they make a bad name for the whole group.


Stogie said...

"American Society Inundated With Racial Extremism"

Racial extremists on the right: All the Nazis and Klansmen that exist in the fertile imaginations of black, leftist, MSNBC and paranoia-industrial complex (SPLC, ADL, etc.) crackpots.

Racial extremists on the left: I would list them all, but Wordpress's servers only have so many terabytes of disk space.

Stogie said...

Well said.