Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Digital Revenge: Major Nidal Hasan, Muslim Barbarian & Mass Murderer Sentenced to Martyrdom

The Army blew it.  Of course they found Major Nidal Hasan guilty of murdering 13 people and injuring 30 more at Fort Hood back in 2009.  He murdered 12 soldiers and one civilian, as commanded by his False Prophet, the megalomaniac known as Muhammad, and dictated by the trashy fraud known as the Koran.  Hasan believes that if he is executed, he will die a martyr for Allah, and thereby be admitted to the Big Bordello in the Sky where he will bang his 72 virgins all day.  The Army complied with his request, sentencing him to death and to martyrdom.  A better sentence would have been life in prison, without any access to the Koran or the Islamic religion, and fed a steady diet of pork (because it is forbidden by Islam), and given nothing to read but pornography.

I have nothing but the deepest contempt for Islam and for anyone who defends it.  It is a mass-murdering ideology that is devoid of anything good or beneficial to mankind.

I can't do much to Nidal Hasan, but I can exact digital revenge in a Photoshop that illustrates my contempt for this barbarian and the foul religion that led him to commit his horrible crime.

Screw you Nidal Hasan -- and the camel you rode in on.


Stogie said...

I think that I heard on the morning news that the appeals will go on for years.

Stogie said...

I heard the same thing. The system sucks.