Thursday, August 01, 2013

British Man Jailed For Displaying a Tattoo #Islam

Hat Tip:  Moonbattery
Via Moonbattery, a British man has been jailed in the U.K. for "inciting racial hatred" by displaying a tattoo.  The tattoo depicts a mosque blowing up.

Great Britain has become the most extreme "progressive" nation in the Western world.  Freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry are not permitted unless approved by the British government.  The U.K. leaders, as Moonbattery points out, are hypocrites.  They never arrested a single Muslim that displayed signs in London that advocated murder of those who oppose Islam.

The Stogiemeister would not fare well in the land of his ancestors.  I have long advocated the destruction of Islamic holy sites but only in response to terrorist attacks on the west.  Since Muslims believe that dying for their barbaric religion is a sure ticket to the Big Bordello in the Sky, killing them will not deter others.  However, the destruction of prize Islamic holy sites might provide the necessary disincentive to Islamic violence.  The mosque on the dome of the rock could be reduced to rubble, or the pink mosque, the Taj Mahal, or even Mecca and Medina obliterated, if need be.  Future Islamic pilgrims could do their hajj in a smoking, radioactive hole where the Grand Mosque and Kaaba used to be.

This Brit is not the first to advocate destruction of mosques.  I did so some time back with this Photoshop in a post titled "How to Punish the Jihadis."  I wrote:
...the victimized country (like India) could select a sacred Islamic shrine for utter destruction, e.g. an ancient Mosque. Announce its destruction as reparation for the terrorist attack. Then take a wrecking ball to the structure, reducing it to rubble. Or, if the Mosque is behind enemy lines (the enemy being the Islamic world), use a smart bomb or guided missile to destroy the structure. In other words, target the symbols and hateful institutions of Islam. This tactic recognizes the fact that it is Islam itself that is responsible for terrorism, as it is a terrorist ideology as is well documented in its holy texts and traditions. We must rid ourselves of the short-sighted view that terrorist-jihadis are individual criminals; they are in fact agents of Islam and it is Islam itself that must be punished for the deeds of its believers.
However, I want this to be absolutely clear:  this form of retaliation should be carried out by western governments as wartime measures, NOT by individuals acting on their own.  

As for Great Britain, it has become a sorry excuse for a representative of Western Civilization.  The Brits not only fail miserably to protect their citizens from violent Islam, they go out of their way to protect violent Islam from their own citizens.  U.K. government, you disgust me.

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