Monday, August 12, 2013

The Fascist Thought Police and the Embarrassing Question of Racial Differences In I.Q. #Race #AmericanRenaissance

American Renaissance has reprinted an article from Politico by Jason Richwine, about how politics and social pressure pervert the objective study of I.Q. and how it differs by race.

Richwine holds a PhD from Harvard, and has written about I.Q. and race, and faced the consequences:  liberal rage and media frenzy for telling truths that the left wants hidden.  He writes:
There is a large discrepancy between what educated laypeople believe about cognitive science and what experts actually know. Journalists are steeped in the lay wisdom, so they are repeatedly surprised when someone forthrightly discusses the real science of mental ability.

If that science happens to deal with group differences in average IQ, the journalists’ surprise turns into shock and disdain. Experts who speak publicly about IQ differences end up portrayed as weird contrarians at best, and peddlers of racist pseudoscience at worst.
 So many disciplines are corrupted and usurped by politics today that it is almost impossible to trust the popular media on any of them.  That corruption mainly includes science and history, where both are manipulated (or suppressed) to support modern political goals.  I.Q. as it differs by race is a glaring example.

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Stogie said...

Exactly, Stogie. I thought the Richwine article was excellent. Now they're after Diane West. See my post today...

Stogie said...

Will do!