Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Norks New Nukes: North Korea Claims They Have Backpack Nukes! #Norks #NorthKorea

It has been reported that North Korean leaders are claiming they now have backpack nukes, and proved it by having a company of soldiers march around with their backpacks on.  Western analysts have expressed doubt that the Norks have the technology to make nuclear devices small enough to fit into a backpack.  The Norks demonstrated the reality of this by having a squadron of soldiers carry backpacks with a big yellow Nuclear symbol pasted thereon.

One analyst said, presumably in jest, that the North Koreans may have "Hello Kitty" backpacks that they stole from Japan, but the only thing they are likely to hold is their lunch.   He said:
We don’t take that seriously because they probably painted the radiation symbol over some Hello Kitty backpacks they stole from Japan,” the official said. “No one believes that North Korea has the technology to make a miniature nuclear bomb like that."
Meanwhile, the North Korean soldiers have DARED others to try and take away their backpacks, and have assumed a fighting stance to demonstrate their ferocity.

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