Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Oprah Winfrey Says #Trayvon Martin's Demise "Same Thing" as Emmett Till.

Emmett Till was a 14 year old black teenager who was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955.  The two white men who did it were acquitted, but later admitted the crime.  In those days, in certain places, black people could not get justice with any regularity.  The two perpetrators should have gone to the electric chair, but instead they walked.

This is racism in its original meaning -- an irrational hatred for any and all members of a particular race, to the point of torturing and murdering one of them.  It is not the moral equivalent of shooting a member of that race while they are physically attacking you with the intent of doing great bodily harm -- as in the George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin case.

However, some people cannot make the distinction -- and I would surmise that "some people" includes the majority of black Americans.  Take fabulously wealthy and successful Oprah Winfrey, for example.  She can't see any difference between the murder of Emmett Till and the regrettable but justifiable homicide of Trayvon Martin.  She said yesterday:
"Trayvon Martin parallel to Emmett Till. Let me just tell you: In my mind, [they’re] same thing," she said. "But you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come."
Oprah, dear, if in your mind the two cases are identical, then you don't have a mind -- or much of one, anyway.


Stogie said...

Good ol' Oprah. Stirring the pot.

Damn, I'm sick of this CRAP.

Stogie said...

Me too. It seems there is a fresh outrage every day now.