Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Feminist Conundrum: Or Why Men Can Never Win; The Hypocrisy of #Slutwalk

Robert Stacy McCain Covering the Slutwalk Phenomenon
The Other McCain has some interesting posts on the "Slutwalk" phenomenon.  Slutwalk is where a bunch of young (leftwing of course) women strip to their skivvies and/or bare their breasts, and march to protest rape.  But it's not only rape they are protesting, according to one leftist troll commenter, they are protesting because they are "tired of being shamed for their sexuality, tired of being abused and objectified" as women, and especially they march in opposition to rape.

So in order to suppress rape, they march semi-nude?  Sure that'll work.  The criminals who rape will see these naked babes and feel so ashamed that they will have themselves castrated and then join a monastery with a pledge of celibacy. And what better way to discourage being "objectified" as a sex object than by going naked in public? /sarcasm off

Most men are not rapists (except in the minds of the most ardent feminists, many of whom are man-hating lesbians).  So while most (non-rapist) men may enjoy the view of the semi-naked marchers, the display of girl-flesh will have no discernible effect.  However, for the actual rapists in the crowd, the display may only fuel their desire to commit more rapes.  Therefore I am compelled to state unequivocally that the Slutwalk protesters are flaming hypocrites who are want contradictory goals:  the right to inflame passions while being completely free from the potential consequences thereof.

I suspect that many of these feminist  idiots are really exhibitionists looking for a semi-plausible excuse for displaying their butts and boobs in public; or they are man-hating feminists with penis envy who want to make men suffer by showing them what they cannot have:  booty.  They may not have penises, but they can make mens' penises ache, and that's power, baby.  Maybe so, but as a rape deterrent, its efficacy is questionable.

However, as David Horowitz once noted of leftist political movements, no matter what the stated objective, the real objective is the [communist] revolution.  These dumb broads (most of them, anyway) are not marching to protest rape, they are marching for attention.  With unheard voices their actions cry out:  "Objectify me, goddammit!  Notice me!  Desire me!"  And so they unwittingly assist the left in further eroding whatever civilizational constraints remain to us, like not being subjected to nudity in public places.

Now if the marchers were really interested in deterring rape, they might be marching in support of concealed carry laws, more modest clothing for young women, giving advice on how to avoid dangerous situations, advocating against violence and sex on television, educating young men about proper protocol in dating and relating to women in the workplace, and the legal consequences of date rape, sexual harassment and other sex-related crimes.  However, for those who just want to show off their butts and boobies, these strategies hold little appeal.


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You're an absolute idiot. Here's a more factual story about the SlutWalk.

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