Monday, August 12, 2013

Malicious Painting of the Shooting of Trayvon Martin Displayed at Florida State Capitol

Artist Sits In Front Of Her Propaganda Poster 
Can We Send Her Back to Vietnam?
Everything about liberalism is a lie. Everything. Everything about liberalism is malicious, vicious, anti-human and anti-freedom. Take the case of the new painting of the Trayvon Martin shooting that was displayed this week at the Florida State Capitol. It shows George Zimmerman standing up, totally unmolested, firing a shot into Martin's head from behind, effectively executing Martin without rhyme or reason.
From NY Daily News: - Via Reagan Coalition:
George Zimmerman blasts Trayvon Martin while Martin Luther King Jr. bleeds in the background of a new mural unveiled at the state Capitol in Florida in Tallahassee.
The 100-foot painting substitutes a mirror for Florida teen's face, framed by a hoodie.
Miami artist Huong's not-so-subtle message is spelled out in the title: "We are all Trayvon Martin."
Huong, a Vietnam War refugee and peace activist, has joined a group of protesters called the Dream Defenders camped at the capital hoping to persuade Gov. Rick Scott to change the Stand Your Ground law highlighted by the Martin case.
So the artist Huong is a "Vietnam war refugee," and now she is making communist-style propaganda of her own. Only in America.

It is unconscionable for a State government to publicly support a vicious lie like this painting represents, in effect slandering an innocent man who was acquitted of any wrong doing in defending himself from a violent thug was sitting on him and pounding his head into the cement.  The "Stand Your Ground" law was not even applicable to this case, as falsely claimed by the NY Daily News.  This piece of propaganda will further endanger Zimmerman's life and further inflame the ignorant passions of our most violent racial segment:  blacks -- yet it was painted by a "peace activist."  Peace activist my ass.

To Propaganda Artist Huong I would say this:  No, bitch, we are not all worthless thugs like Trayvon Martin.  We non-blacks are all George Zimmerman -- totally expendable to our far-left governments as they move us closer and closer to either a race war or a civil war.  And like George Zimmermn, we are packing.


Stogie said...

To show Zimmerman standing, firing his gun is a lie. She is race baiting scum. Can we possibly find her a job as a rodeo clown??

Stogie said...

Proof, leftists lie as easy as breathing. They are scum.

Stogie said...

Damn, damn, and be damned!

Have you heard about THIS CRAP? George Zimmerman's wife has been brought up on perjury charges!

The inmates are running the asylum!

Stogie said...

The Florida prosecutors are themselves criminals, abusing the system to carry out vendettas against those who defend themselves from violent blacks. If there is to be a civil war, let it come!