Thursday, October 03, 2013

Barack Obama Has to Go

Barack Obama has proved himself to be a ruthless, left wing ideologue who will walk over anyone and everyone in order to impose socialism on an unwilling populace.  Rush reports that Obama has shut down the American Cemetery in Normandy, France and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  Further, Obama has been talking down the economy to drive the stock market down.  Now he or his lieutenants are insinuating that social security checks will cease until Obama gets his way.

B.O. is on a slash and burn program of delivering pain to as many citizens as possible.  It's not only "his way or the highway," it's his way, period.  He will rule or ruin.

If the GOP can retake the senate in 2014 (a big if), Republican politicians should immediately pursue impeachment proceedings against this sophomoric little communist.


Stogie said...

I couldn't agree more. The president should have never made it to office in the first place and since he has, he has done nothing but create horrible circumstances for every working American and shift blame to anyone besides himself. I will be proud to join the impeachment bandwagon. Put my name at the top of the list in bold letters. I am sick to death of this antichrist, communist POS!! Get him out of office!!!!!

Stogie said...

My sentiments exactly!

Stogie said...

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