Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Worthless Worm in the White House

I see that Obama has been shutting down all national parks and monuments, even those privately funded and those that do not require park service guards and personnel.  There is no need for this, he just wants to make the shut down as painful as possible for as many people as he can.

It is obvious the little snake in the White House is trying to stoke public resentment of the government shut down, the shut down that he orchestrated.  Of course, the media is playing along, blaming the shut down on the Republicans.

Barack Obama is the most divisive and destructive president in my lifetime, and I have nothing but disgust for him and Harry Reid.  Reid reminds me of a doctrinaire communist in his little brown suits and his always present expression of contempt.


Stogie said...

Perfectly worded. Thanks for this post.

Stogie said...

Thanks Curmudgeon.

Stogie said...

"Reid reminds me of a doctrinaire communist"

...and for good reason - that is what he is