Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Love Barack Obama, Libbies?

Barack Obama, the light worker, the Second Coming, the mystical magician who would turn the world into a flower garden with fountains and fireflies, has fallen on his face.  (How's that for alliteration?)

Let's see now....the Benghazi atrocity has now been revealed to to the public by the television news program, "Sixty Minutes," and Obama's and Clinton's duplicity and cynical cover up of the atrocity were finally revealed.  The nasty secret was revealed, that the mainstream media hid from view for such a long time:  that there was plenty of warning of a coming attack on the embassy, that warning signs were ignored by Team Obama, and that the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans there was preventable.  Further, that Hillary told a huge lie, claiming attack was merely a demonstration that "got out of hand," and that it was all caused by a YouTube video that insulted Islam.  And Obama and his liar pal Hillary stood there by the coffins as they were unloaded from hearses, and lied to protect their sorry asses in the presence of those killed by their incompetence.

Now the many liberals who watch Sixty Minutes know the truth.

Next up, the misnamed "Affordable Care Act," or Obamacare, as it is popularly known.  The bad old Republicans tried to bring Obama to the table to negotiate the delay of Obamacare, and Obama refused to negotiate, bringing a partial shutdown of the federal government and the USA to the brink of default on its huge debt.  So Obamacare was not delayed, and the roll out was a complete disaster, the absurdly high cost website doesn't work, and thousands of people all over the country are having their present health care canceled, while others are receiving huge bills for their new Obamacare-compliant coverage.

The international community, who bought into the Obama mystique, is now outraged to find that Obama's National Security Agency (NSA) has been tapping the cell phones of 35 foreign leaders like Germany's Angela Merkel.  The Great Liberal Hope of the World is something of a fascist, spying, not only on his own people, but on just about everyone worldwide.

So there you go, libbies.  If you elect an ignorant, incompetent, sophomoric pot-smoking ideologue who hasn't a clue how an economy works, you get what we TOLD you we would get, a disaster in the Oval Office.  And that in turn brings a higher cost of living, higher costs for energy and food, less opportunity and jobs, and a deteriorating standard of living.  The anger and outrage from foreign leaders is just icing on Obama's poisonous cake.

So what can we learn from this, libbies?  Life is not a lava lamp, or a bong, or a lid of grass; it is not a fantasy to be molded by the workings of an immature mind; reality is impervious to magical thinking and mindless idealism, and it couldn't care less what your leftist professor thinks or what your fellow undergraduates want to believe, or how popular holding the "right" opinions makes you among your fellow campus rats.


Stogie said...

What's going on with CBS News? CBS appears to have broken away from the Obamacult of most of the mainstream media outlets. And not only about Benghazi. See the post I published today and the comments thereto.

Stogie said...

Let's hope it's a trend!

Stogie said...

It might be a trend. NBS News is starting to broadcast similar stories.