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Tommy Robinson Wimps Out, Embraces Dhimmitude - #EDL #RobertSpencer #PamelaGeller #TommyRobinson

The leader of the English Defence League, one Tommy Robinson, has left the organization that he has headed for several years, claiming it is "far right" and "extremist" and racist and neo-Nazi, blah blah blah.  Robinson has wimped out, bailed, surrendered, assumed a state of dhimmitude.  Why?  I suspect that leftist social ostracism finally got to him.  Tommy Robinson has been routinely denounced as an extremist, a hater, a racist and every other leftwing slur in the book.  He has been arrested on more than one occasion and has spent some time behind bars for his anti-Islam activities.  He is currently facing another trial later this month, in what appears to be a politically motivated prosecution by the U.K. government.

Leftist ostracism can be severe and can seriously compromise the quality of a person's life.  Robinson, I suspect, couldn't take the heat anymore (see example here where a reporter opined that Robinson was headed for a nervous breakdown).  Robinson has now bowed to the Seat of Power.  Now he claims to be aligning himself with some "moderate" Islamic organization that allegedly opposes jihad and Islamic violence.
Infidel Blogger's Alliance quotes Robinson:
"I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.”
“And whilst I want to lead a revolution against Islamist ideology, I don't want to lead a revolution against Muslims.
“I believe that the revolution needs to come from within the Islamic community and they need to stand up. And I believe this is a step forward not a step back.”
What a bunch of happy horseshit.  As if mass-murdering jihadis can be persuaded by "better, democratic ideas."  These people who slice off heads, bomb schools and churches and trains, commit mass murder against innocents.  No, Tommy boy, this is definitely a step back.  You have denied the reality of the world's most violent and extremist ideology, that of Islam.  I suspect that you, Tommy, have been compromised by leftist pressure and demonization.

The only antidote to Islamic violence, terror and barbarism is to separate them from us.  The U.K. needs to halt and reverse Islamic immigration.  Sweet talk won't do anything.  The slow Islamization of a country will continue, until dogs, music, crosses and pork are outlawed, and Sharia courts replace western ones, where women must all wear the veil or face rape.  Where bombs will continue going off in crowded, public places.

Robert Spencer has published an article explaining his view of the departure, titled Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer breaking with EDL.  Back in 2011, Pamela Geller announced to the world that the EDL was "fascist," citing no proof whatsoever, nor giving a single example of the organization's alleged racism.  Some of us signed a letter to her asking her to apologize to the EDL and reverse her stance.  She refused.

Now Spencer, a strong supporter of Geller, writes:
This has been a long time coming. Back on June 30, 2011, Pamela Geller wrote: that because of the "neo-fascists that had infiltrated the administration of the group," she was withdrawing her support from the EDL." In looking at the same evidence, I wrote, "I agree wholeheartedly." Tommy Robinson immediately issued a statement to SIOA, saying: "We repudiate any individual, group or writing that favors anti-Semitism, neofascism, and any race-based ideology. Any rogue elements within the EDL who go against our mission statement and our beliefs will be removed from the organization; we are determined to remain true to our mission. Anti-Semitism will not ever be tolerated within the EDL."
Then Spencer dishonestly mischaracterizes our position by stating:
These statements drew the ire of some counter-jihad bloggers who apparently didn't mind the racists and anti-Semites within the EDL, and who addressed an Open Letter to Pamela Geller denouncing her and me for drawing back from the EDL. But a huge group of counter-jihad bloggers declared their support of our stand.
Spencer lies.  None of those who signed the Open Letter to Geller ever stated or indicated that we "didn't mind the racists and anti-semites within the EDL." We didn't know of any. We opposed Geller's uncalled for slander of the EDL because she offered no proof and no examples of the alleged fascism, racism or antisemitism within the EDL.  She based her sweeping conclusions on one of her friends who had an ax to grind, and not on facts or evidence.  At the time I concluded that Geller was merely trying to replace the EDL with her own organization, whom she saw more as a competitor than an ally.  At no time did Spencer or Geller provide any evidence of the EDL's alleged radicalism, and they still have not.  I lost a lot of respect for both Spencer and Geller because of this.  In spite of their good works to counter Islamic violence (and they are impressive), for me these two will always bear a taint of dishonesty, dubious ethics and the self-serving sellout of allies and friends.

Every effective right wing organization will be slandered mercilessly by the leftist establishment, and the EDL is no different.  The Tea Party is regularly slandered as "extremist" or "racist," with zero proof of the charges.  Slander of opponents is the chief stratagem employed by leftists, as any conservative activist well knows.  Both Spencer and Geller have themselves been slandered and slimed to the greatest degree possible and they ought to know better.  They too have been dhimmitized, to a certain extent.  They now seek to "get along by going along."

Some weak conservatives will always attempt to remove themselves as targets by agreeing with the leftist slander -- it applies to all other conservatives, but not to them.  They are the "responsible" and "honorable" exceptions.  They give great vocal support to leftist memes, themes and orthodoxies, in a misguided attempt to be "acceptable" to the entrenched liberal culture.  This only undermines the movement they are supposed to represent.  John McCain is one of these weak sisters.  And apparently, so are Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson, however, has a fairly good excuse.  He is apparently suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress syndrome from years of extreme leftist persecution in Great Britain.  Spencer and Geller, however, are merely opportunists looking to expand their empire.

Related Post:  Gates of Vienna goes into greater detail as to the government pressure and blackmail of Tommy Robinson.  Apparently, Robinson agreed to "go along" in order to get out of jail early and have the opportunity of watching his children grow up.  Read it here.

Update:  Check out the "antisemitic" EDL on the Facebook EDL Jewish Division site at this link.


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Man, oh, man! The way I'm feeling right now (See my comment to your post below this one), I can't wrap my mind around this.

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Stogie said...

Honestly, I didn't understand Geller-and-Spencer's hysteria over the EDL, when it was humming along just fine, with an Israeli division, for heaven's sake!

Could they also not see that it was the UAF and HopeNotHate who were sending in the "Nazi" clowns? Doh!

The bottom line is that Tommy's family was threatened, and now he has to seek protection through the Islamic racket. That's called "RICO" in American legal statutes.