Sunday, May 04, 2014

At Dartmouth, the Word "Fiesta" is "Racist" (But Then Again, What Isn't?)

The racial dementia now infecting academia reached new levels of absurdity this week at Dartmouth College.  A fraternity and a sorority had planned a fund-raiser for cardiac treatments.  The party was named "Phiesta" and was to have a Cinco de Mayo theme.

However, a single Hispanic female objected, saying she was offended by the use of "fiesta" and so the entire event was canceled.  "Fiesta," in Spanish, means "party," and "racism," that over-abused, overly emotive trigger word, is generally defined as the belief that one race is superior, or is understood as mindless hatred of another race based on physical differences such as skin color.  The use of the word "fiesta" and the use of Cinco de Mayo for a party theme, clearly do not in any way convey "racism" as it is generally defined.

Nevertheless, the leader of the fraternity, President Taylor Catchcart of Phi Delt, explained why his organization has a bad case of terminal wimpiness:
“We felt that the possibility of offending even one member of the Dartmouth community was not worth the potential benefits of having the fundraiser,” he said.
Yes, of course -- let those heart patients die, we just can't allow a phony, posing, posturing professional victim to be "offended." I mean, where's our priorities?

Every college student knows he or she can create a ruckus by pretending to be "offended" over anything related to a minority ethnicity, and they will get special attention, deference, apologies and wailing and lamentations from their fellow brainwashed automatons.  The racial hysteria that pervades the college campus has turned the university into a very hostile workplace.

The Daily Caller summarized the situation in a single sentence:
This incident is one more in a long list of episodes that pretty clearly prove that Dartmouth is slowly going insane as an institution.


Always On Watch said...

Let's see....I'm a Spanish major. In my years in the classroom teaching Spanish, I must have used the word fiesta hundreds of times. I'm white. So, I guess that Dartmouth would deem me a racist, huh?

There is a pandemic of mass insanity at our institutions of higher learning! Sheesh.

Stogie Chomper said...

Yes, and no one with a Ford Fiesta can park at Dartmouth now, I suppose.

Always On Watch said...

Dartmouth wouldn't like this either: