Thursday, May 01, 2014

Princeton University Freshman Destroys the "White Privilege" Myth

The Other McCain has the best article of the day and everyone should read it:  White Guilt Passes Its Expiration Date.  McCain describes how leftwing excess inevitably leads to a political and cultural backlash, and that backlash is now forming.  Let's hope it crashes on the political scene sometime in early November.

McCain references an essay written by Princeton University freshman Tal Fortgang, in The Princeton Tory. In that essay Fortgang destroys the idiot-left's theory of "White Privilege," the idea that some secret cabal or supernatural power opens doors to all who have a white epidermis; and that none of the success of any white person can be attributed to his own efforts, personal sacrifices or hard work.

The truth is:  "White Privilege" is success by a better culture, a strong work ethic, a willingness to delay gratification while completing college or learning a trade, accepting accountability for one's wins and losses, better civilization skills and better life choices.  These same success factors work for anyone of any color who chooses to apply them.  The angry cries condemning mythical "White Privilege" are the tantrums of losers who want life presented to them on a silver platter, with little or no effort or sacrifice on their part.  When losers lose, they need something or someone to blame, and "White Privilege" is a handy excuse to dodge personal responsibility.

Many if not most colleges in America today support such theories as "White Privilege" and other Marxist themes; they are poisonous hives of anti-American, anti-White, anti-Male, anti-Capitalist hatred and ignorance.  Like a closed up room of stale air, they restrict the circulation of opposing thoughts and ideas.  They are an incestuous and infected bubble of error and sedition where no reality-check is allowed or condoned, lest their carefully crafted illusions pop like bubbles in a strong wind.  It is in such a closed system that fanaticism and radicalism grow unchecked and unchallenged.  This is the typical American university today.

Thank you, Tal Fortgang.  May your essay be the "Common Sense" pamphlet of today, and herald the intellectual revolution on college campuses that washes away leftist propaganda and allows the university to become once again a place of learning and unrestricted thought and inquiry, as it was intended to be.


labman57 said...

Yet another wealthy, aloof, self-absorbed, "entitled" white conservative punk kid who earned his "privilege" the old-fashioned, all-American way -- he inherited it.

Stogie Chomper said...

He EARNED it, but that's a concept beyond the understanding of someone like you.