Sunday, May 04, 2014

Hating Whitey: The Hatefulness and Extremism of the College Campus Today

To understand just how hateful, intolerant and extremist the college campus has become, one need look no further than white-hater Noel Ignatiev.  He told his class at a Massuchusetts college that "white males are a cancer" and that all white males should kill themselves, commit suicide, because white males are responsible for all the evil in the world and have never done anything good.  Ignatiev's attitude is typical of the anti-white bigotry that is so prevalent among the "progressive" left, particularly as it is ensconced in the university.

Ignatiev's comments were made back in November of last year, but they show just how villainous and seditious the college campus has become.

It is time for us white people to recognize that we are targeted for marginalization and perhaps even extermination.  I have never identified with my epidermis, but it is high time I did, it's time we all did, for our own protection and survival.

Read Ignatiev's racist screed here.


Rick Darby said...

For blacks to be anti-white at least has some kind of twisted logic. But according to the linked story, this Ignatiev customer is white and he appears so in the photo.

To urge wiping out one's own race is not only immoral, but beyond insanity. The language has no word for Ignatiev's mental condition because it never manifested until our degenerate time. It's like the Andromeda Strain, a disease for which the white race has never developed antibodies because there was previously no reason to.

Unfortunately, this auto-genocide in a less overt form has taken hold of many whites, especially younger ones whose brains were gored by the neo-Marxist educational Establishment. I read that "white" is a put-down word among a certain class of teenagers, as in "Oh, stop acting so white."

If Ignatiev actually believes what he's saying, and is not just a demented publicity hound, he should lead the charge, set an example, and himself begin the racial suicide. Come on, Noel, pick up the starting gun and take out the first white person you see in a mirror.

Stogie Chomper said...

Rick, after reading this article about Ignatiev, I started rereading David Horowitz's book "Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes." Right off the bat, Horowitz mentions Ignatiev. He is a notorious whitey hater, and yes, he's white. Some other white A-Hole started a journal called "Race Traitor," which states that the white race must be taken out by "whatever means necessary." Ah yes, it's a good time to buy a gun and stock up on ammo.

Always On Watch said...

No doubt, this man is a tenured professor.