Saturday, May 03, 2014

California Democrat Congresswoman Wants a $26 an Hour Minimum Wage

Barbara Lee, Democrat from California, wants to raise the minimum wage to $26 an hour in her state.  That means that teenagers working at McDonald's would have to be paid $54,080 a year, assuming they worked full time.  How much would a Big Mac cost under that scenario?  Well let's see.

There you have it, folks.  Barbara Lee, Democrat, wants you to pay $12.73 for a Big Mac.  Throw in a an order of fries and a coke, and lunch will cost you $25.12, where it would only cost $7.87 today.

Barbara Lee, of course, has no clue as to how the economy works, and I am sure that "Math" is a foreign language to her, "cause and effect" an incomprehensible concept.  A $26 minimum wage would cause all fast food eateries to close their doors (no customers, no revenue, no profit) and massive unemployment.

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