Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day: Did They Die In Vain?

I am not in much of a patriotic spirit this Memorial Day.  Considering the recent damage done to our freedoms, I find myself wondering about all those men and women who died for our country.  Did they die in vain?

There is today a determined political force intent on "transforming America," changing it into something never intended by its founders.  The Second Amendment is under constant attack, and lately the First is also in danger.  Our economy is in shreds, our military greatly weakened.  No external enemy could destroy us, but we are being undermined from within.

If our great nation is dying, it is because of self-inflicted wounds.  It's hard to be optimistic.  Can we the people save the great inheritance of freedom once bequeathed to us, and paid for in so many lives of our military?  I have not given up hope, but the hour is late.

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Always On Watch said...

One would have to be a real Pollyanna to be optimistic about America's future now. **sigh**