Friday, May 16, 2014

I Hate is a very aggressive search engine.  Somehow it installed itself as my default search engine in Internet Explorer 11, and all attempts to change it to Google have failed.  This program acts like a virus or malware in its stubborn resistance to being changed or deleted.  It is for this reason I will no longer use Internet Explorer, due to my inability to reset my home page and desired default search engine.

This overly aggressive marketing scheme can only give a bad name. 

Meanwhile, my Google Chrome browser has ceased to function and cannot load pages from the internet.  So I am using Internet Explorer 11, with its pernicious homepage, for the time being.

I have really liked Google Chrome, but it has ceased to function several times in the past.  Restoring to an operating condition has been difficult.  Reinstallation did not solve the problem.

UPDATE:  I downloaded and installed the Opera Web Browser.  So far it is quick and zippy and works great.  I think I have found my web browser.

UPDATE 2:  I bought a copy of the program "Spy Hunter" and installed and ran it on my computer.  This great little malware removal program removed the toolbar from Windows Explorer and made my Chrome browswer operational again.  I have McAfee virus protection as well as Spybot Search and Destroy, but neither of these programs detected or removed the over 900 malware and adware programs on my computer.  Spy Hunter did, and is worth the price of around $35.

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