Friday, May 02, 2014

Klan Hoods for Republicans? Here's a Hat for Democrats

Some loser-Democrat, one Brett Hulsely, is running for Governor of Wisconsin.  He is way behind in the polls and is now resorting to desperate measures to get attention for his failing campaign.  He has created a supply of Klan hoods, sewn on his daughter's sewing machine.  He plans to hand out the hoods to Republicans attending a state Republican convention today.

Of course, his stunt is vile and reprehensible, but one good turn deserves another, and I have created the above hat to hand out to Democrats at their next convention.  It is far more true than Hulsely's Klan hood stunt, implying that Republicans are RAAACISTS.

I believe it was David Horowitz who recently described Democrats as "Neo-Communists," a description that I find very close to the truth.  So here's a hat for Democrats.  Wear it with pride, Demmies.


Question Diversity said...

I'm not a big Scott Walker fan, especially because of the immigration issue. But that just means I don't want him to be President or hold any Federal office; state governments don't have much real purview over immigration.

That said, if this Hulsely character, who seems to be the most "credible" of all the Democrats running for Governor in Wisconsin this year trying to take out Scott Walker, is a nut that does stunts like this, then I think Walker has nothing to worry about.

Stogie Chomper said...

I won't vote for any "open borders" or amnesty candidates for president. However, the main point of my post was how vile and despicable the Democrats have become, of whom Hulsely is but the latest example.