Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Follow Up on Claims Made by Pro-Hitler Film

The film I reviewed in my prior post (Adolf Hitler:  the Greatest Story Never Told) made some very controversial claims.  Here's a brief follow-up on two of those claims.

Update:  I added a piece about the Allied treatment of the Russian Cossacks, who fought Stalin with Germany.

The film alleges that Russian Cossacks, who fought with German troops, were lied to and tricked or forced into being repatriated to Russia, where they were executed.
This Wikipedia article establishes the truth of this claim.  However, the Cossacks were not fascists, they were anti-communists, tired of the harsh conditions of living under Stalin's communism.  Because of an agreement at Yalta before the end of the war, the allies turned the Cossacks over to Stalin to meet their fate.  This clearly stinks in the history books.

Eisenhower Deliberately Starved German POWs?
One of the claims was that General Dwight D. Eisenhower deliberately allowed nearly a million German POWs to die from starvation and exposure.  This claim was first made by a Canadian author, James Bacque, in his book Other Losses (1989).

I haven't ready an books on the subject, but I very much doubt that this is true, based on my intuition alone. Stephen E. Ambrose refuted Bacque in a New York Times article in 1991, and later wrote a book about it. Other authors have written books to rebut Bacque, and a raging debate continues via books and articles.  German POWs did die in POW camps just after the war, due to a massive influx of German soldiers surrendering to the Allies in order to avoid becoming prisoners of Russia (who used POWs for slave labor and worked and starved the great majority of them to death).  The POW camps right after the war were thus overcrowded and food scarce (despite Bacque's claims to the contrary).  However, any deaths resulting therefrom were not intentional.  The U.S. Provost Marshall put the number of deaths at 15,285, a far cry from the 900,000 claimed by Bacque.  Nevertheless, this debate will go on indefinitely.

There Is No Evidence That The Holocaust Ever Happened?
This claim is the easiest to refute.  There were actually records and documentation of the mass murder of Jews by gassing them, and numerous witnesses to the atrocity, many of whom testified at the Nuremberg trials of German officers for war crimes.  An excellent discussion and refutation of Holocaust Denial can be found at the Jewish Virtual Library at this link.

Zyklon-B Was Used to Disinfect Clothes, Bodies and Buildings of the Typhus Germ.  This argument is used by Holocaust deniers to explain away the cyanide based poison, Zyklon-B, which was used to kill several million Jews.  In fact, Zyklon-B cannot kill anaerobic bacteria such as the Typhus bacterium, and would be useless against the disease.  It can only kill aerobic (oxygen breathing) organisms, like people.

Who Produced the Film "Adolph Hitler:  the Greatest Story NEVER Told"?
I do not know who produced this film, but it seems to bear the ideologies of the Institute For Historical Review (IHR).  Wikipedia describes IHR as follows:
The Institute for Historical Review (IHR), founded in 1978, is an organization whose primary purpose is to disseminate views denying key facts of Nazism and the genocide of Jews and other victims. It is considered by many scholars as the world's leading Holocaust denial organization. 
All of this reading and research leads from one thing to another.  I reject Holocaust denial as a credible position on history, based on the documented facts.  However, one thing I do not understand is why Jews were so hated in Europe in the 1930s?  This hatred seems to be re-emerging in the here and now.  This bears some serious study, but where do I start?


Antony Palmer said...

You hilariously quote the Jewish virtual library as a reliable source to refute holocaust deniers. What next the ADL? As for your opinion on the capabilities of Zyclon B. Not only is that immaterial. You are being factually deceitful as the product was used to kill the Louse which carried the bacterium, not the bacterium itself. It was incredibly successful in this capacity for the majority of the war. As for your holocaust documentation please enlighten us. Where is it. Witness testimony is deeply unreliable in a court of law. Most of the confessions were obtained through torture which as you are well aware makes those confessions inadmissible in anything other than a kangaroo court. In answer to your last point. The World zionist congress declared war on Germany in 1933. Haven't you heard of the transfer agreement. The Nazis were shipping out jews to palestine and even training them up as farmers and allowing them to take all of their wealth with them. Hardly the actions of a group of people hell bent on racial destruction. The final solution was the banishment of all Jews from Europe, not their extermination. Unfortunately that never occurred and the cultural marxist Jews have taken a firm grip on the continent (alongside America and Australasia) with their disgusting odious frankfurt school inspired multiculturalism, diversity and promotion of degenerate porn and same sex marriage. White Christian Europe is now doomed and all because the west chose to immolate the last great white hope.

Not-Jello Biafra said...

Hell, You might as well go and blow your brains out. You lost. It is over. Now go shoot or hang yourself. Bye!

Not-Jello Biafra said...

How I ended up here I do not know. I started watching the long boring documentary and I started clicking on links before I fell asleep. Deny it all you want. All you have to do is read the minutes of the wannsee conference. All you have to do is read a fascinating book "Hells Cartel" and those companies are still around today. Zyklon is still a live active trademark in many countries. The goods are quoted as "for the extermination of vermin." Still held by the same company at the same address it was in 1945. Degesch. Deniers...what a hoot.