Thursday, June 19, 2014

Obama's Stunning Achievements as President

It's easy to become almost jaded from the daily onslaught of Obama scandals, crimes and outrages.  Once you accept that this isn't America anymore, the daily outrages seem almost anti-climactic.  If ever there was a U.S. president who has crossed the line to impeachment, it is Barack Obama.  For the good of the country, Obama should be removed.  Blacks will go apoplectic, there will be one long, loud shout of RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM by Democrats and the left, and the citizens of Oakland, California will set things on fire and break windows.  Even more so than usual, I mean.

Tough.  Impeach the S.O.B.  Let us review some of his sterling achievements:

1.  Benghazi.  When the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by Muslim Terrorists (but I repeat myself), Obama ordered our military to stand down and take no action to save our embassy personnel.  Four Americans died, including the U.S. Ambassador, even though we had military assets in the area that could have saved these men.  However, fighting the terrorists would make it obvious that Obama's outreach policy to Islamic states was a failure -- that Al Qaeda was still in business, and that he was a naive fool.

Obama then lied, stating that the attack was just a protest over an American anti-Muslim film that got out of hand.  He and Hillary even went on television in Islamic states apologizing for the film, which had little if anything to do with the attack.  The emerging truth about Benghazi is that everything Obama did, failed to do, or said about it, was for political reasons.  He sacrificed the lives of Americans in harms way, because he saw that as the least damaging option in his re-election campaign -- and then lied about the nature of the attack for the same reason.

2.  Border invasion of the illegals.  Thousands of illegals are crossing our border with Mexico, with complete impunity, and are being housed at various military bases, with hundreds more arriving by the hour.  Obama has deliberately failed to enforce our immigration laws, while forbidding border states to enforce these laws since immigration is the purview of the federal government.  The illegals are swamping our social services and welfare programs, taking jobs from Americans, bringing diseases, and increasing crime rates.  Many illegals are being collected and released at Arizona bus stops, an apparent poke in the eye to the Arizona governor, for attempting to stop illegal immigration in lieu of the federal government's failure to do so.  Obama's disastrous immigration policy is deliberate -- for reasons that are not obvious.

3.  Use of the IRS to punish political opponents.  During Obama's re-election campaign, Democrat operatives conspired with officials in the IRS to (a) deny or delay the granting of non-profit status to conservative groups; (b) to criminally prosecute conservative non-profit groups for alleged illegal activity; (c) to illegally reveal the details of such conservative groups to Democrat operatives of Obama's campaign.  Now that the conspiracy has been revealed, the IRS has conveniently "lost" the emails of the IRS officials who were involved, in a blatant display of obstruction of justice.  However, such emails could not be lost in the highly redundant backup system in use, as required by law.  They could only disappear by a conscious effort to delete them.  Lois Lerner will look darling in an orange jumpsuit.

4.  Chaos, incompetence and corruption in the launch of Obamacare, including millions spent on websites that don't work, the cancellation of millions of existing health insurance policies, and their replacement with much higher premiums providing less coverage.

5.  The release of five top Taliban commanders in exchange for one American deserter.  Obama released five top terrorists in exchange for the return of an American soldier who deserted his unit and may be a traitor deserving court-martial.  Obama did this without giving Congress 30 days notice, as required by law; he acted unilaterally, allowing no discussion, protest or debate.

6.  The collapse of Iraq.  Thousands of Iraqis are murdered by an invasion of yet another Muslim terrorist (but I repeat myself) group.  Obama could barely stifle a yawn.  What should he do?  At the very least, express regret and attribute it on Islamic laws, religion and culture, the same causes of Islamic murder over the past 14 centuries.  Use the situation to inform the Islamic world that they cannot count on our support in the absence of religious tolerance, freedom of religion, secular government, and recognition of Israel and its right to exist.  Absent that, they can kill each other until the cows come home.

7.  The VA scandal -- letting veterans die by denying them medical care.  A number of American veterans needing medical procedures were placed on waiting lists at Veterans Affairs hospitals.  Many died on those waiting lists, and it is alleged that this was deliberate, in order to save costs.

There are many more terrible policy decisions by Obama -- his energy policy, driving energy prices to absurd levels, his support of non-existent man-made catastrophic climate change, widespread spying on virually all Americans via the NSA, and more -- but these are not necessarily crimes deserving of impeachment.  However, items 1, 2, 3 and 5 above are criminal.  Obama must be removed by the impeachment process as soon as possible.


Always On Watch said...

Why aren't more Americans outraged?

Stogie Chomper said...

The Democrat-Media Complex keeps the bad news well hidden from the masses.

Rick Darby said...

Of course he deserves to be impeached and convicted. That isn't quite the same as the most effective anti-Obama policy, however. The latter would involve a national uprising of American people, not a Washington partisan wrestling match. As many observers have noted, Buraq is as much a symptom as a cause. Unless his removal comes with a widespread revolution of values, it will be a pothole in the road to complete Washington tyranny and surrender to jihad. And for many it would make him a martyr, like a bullet (or two or three) turned a doofus president into St. John F. Kennedy.

I'm open to persuasion about impeachment, though.