Monday, June 30, 2014

Screw the "Palestinian" Scum: Three Murdered Israeli Teenagers

Three Israeli teenagers who were hitchhiking in Israel a couple of weeks ago were abducted and murdered.  Their bodies were found yesterday, buried in a field in the West Bank.  The boys were 19, 16 and 16, and one was an American citizen.

I have no doubt that the three were murdered by ardent Muslims practicing their religion -- a religion that I hate with all my heart, namely, Islam.  Islam is a "religion" that practices human sacrifice, though they don't call it that.  They sacrifice innocents to their monster god, Allah.

All US aid to "Palestine" should be ended immediately.  However, with the Party of Treason occupying the White House, that isn't going to happen.

Here's hoping that Israeli retaliation will be both swift and terrible...terrible, that is, for the "Palestinians."

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