Monday, June 16, 2014

My Birds Have Flown: Young Robins Strike Out On Their Own

Bye Bye Birdie
My major project since last Thursday was to care for two adolescent Robins that I found in my back yard.  Both I and the mama bird fed them, until yesterday, when only the mama bird fed them while I stayed out of the way.

Yesterday I put the Robins into the branches of the persimmon tree where they were born.  They spent the day exploring the branches, occasionally fed by the mother Robin.  At the end of the day, I retrieved them and put them into their cage, to keep them warm and safe.

This morning I again released them into the tree.  This time, the mama bird did not show.  I guess she figured the young ones are ready to go on their own.  She was right.  One flew away within the hour.  The other stayed for awhile, and I was worried about him, so invited him onto my finger.  He allowed me to pet him and feed him a couple of pieces of a cherry.  Then he flew onto my shoulder, then flew to a perch on the patio.  Then he flew away into the sky.

Mission accomplished, now I can get some work done besides bird watching.


Always On Watch said...

How nice of you to help take care of those fledglings!

We no longer often see robins' nests here, but the adult robins are fairly plentiful.

I recently observed house wrens nesting in the cover of our propane tank. They have now flown.

Stogie Chomper said...

I like birds. I had some finches make a nest in my patio enclosure several years ago, and I shared the enclosure with them, with the parents feeding them and me blogging at the table there. The birds finally grew up and flew away, but they were not particularly afraid of me.