Monday, June 09, 2014

Massive Influx of Illegals Unopposed by Obama -- Is It Time To Impeach Our Rogue President?

The lawlessness of Barack Obama is breathtaking in its scope.  Recently, Americans were shocked at the brazen illegality of his release of Taliban Muslim terrorists from Gitmo, or his heavy-handed use of the EPA to shut down coal plants. This week we are seeing the greatest influx ever of illegals from Mexico, overwhelming state and federal agencies who must house them, feed them and deport them -- if they can even be deported.

Obama has basically stated, in deed if not in words, that the border is open, and our immigration laws will not be enforced.  Instead of deporting the illegals, they are being put up at taxpayer costs in temporary housing at three military bases.  Two hundred thirty-thousand children are expected to be apprehended after crossing the border in the next two years, and those who avoid capture will number in the tens of thousands. Obama and Holder have promised to provide these children with lawyers to represent them, so they can sue to stay in the country.

Investors Business Daily reports that "this whole crisis is of the administration's making. Its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program two years ago prevented minors' deportation for two years, and now Obama has added two more years."  Children are invading the border because they know they will not be deported -- Obama has said so.

There are reports that the federal government has been flying families from South Texas to Arizona and El Paso, Texas, and releasing them at bus stations!  Are they supposed to deport themselves on the honor system?  What kind of insanity is this?

I have to wonder what motivates this radical, Barack Obama?  Does he realize that his presidency is a disaster, that he will be enshrined in the Hall of the Incompetent along side Jimmy Carter, Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore?  Perhaps it is the knowledge of his own failure that inspires him to take revenge on those who have opposed him, like Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, by dumping illegals in her state, instead of deporting them back to Mexico.

Maybe Obama realizes that he has only two more years to impose his radical doctrines on the nation, and has decided to push the envelope.  The majority of Americans no longer think of him as the Sacred Other, as the Being of Light who would transform America into the City of Oz.  The majority now know that he is, as Clint Eastwood described him, "the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people."  Like a jilted lover, he is now out for revenge:  he will leave office despised, but not before ruining the economy and transforming America into a Third-World nation, impoverished and bankrupt.  Suffer, you bastards!

Meanwhile, the GOP seeks not to block this massive invasion of illegals, but instead to grant them amnesty and help Obama manage them, essentially committing political suicide by ensuring a permanent majority of big-government voters.  If ever the worthlessness of the Republican Party was obvious, it is now.  The Tea Party must continue its efforts -- as Daniel Greenfield noted yesterday, the New Right must be patient and focus on the long haul.  Relief from statist insanity will not come overnight.  He wrote: You don't win them [wars] in one battle. You do it by staying in the fight.

Conclusions:  There is no question that Barack Obama is a lawless, irresponsible president, and that he should be removed from office by the impeachment process.  If the Vichy GOP wins control of the Senate in November, and retains control of the House, they could stop Obama's radical agenda, and even impeach him.   Do they have the political will?  Don't count on it.


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Yep. Well said.

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destroy america by any means necessary