Friday, June 13, 2014

The Fall of Iraq

All appears lost in Iraq, as a Muslim army descends on Baghdad, decapitating both police and soldiers.  Drudge reports that the roads are strewn with decapitated bodies.  For all our efforts in Iraq, training and equipping their army, helping them organize democratic elections, we come down to a big fat zero in the end.  The extremists are taking over, enforcing barbaric Sharia law, and doing so rather easily, it seems.  The Iraqi military is falling like a house of cards in a strong wind.

Iraq is just another falling brick in the collapse of the Obama presidency.  What can we learn from this?  The main lessons, in my opinion, are these:

1.  Democracy and modernity are incompatible with Islam.  Therefore, any attempt to enforce modern civilization on an Islamic regime will fail.  Enforcing modernity could only succeed if Islam were first forcibly removed, and that would require killing and destruction on a massive scale.  Is it worth it?  No.  Therefore, the best alternative is to isolate ourselves from Islamic regimes, rather than attempting to democratize and modernize them.

2.  Nation building is a fool's errand.  The investment of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives to transform tyrannies into democracies is a cost we cannot afford -- and the effort often fails.  If the tyrannies pose no direct threat to us, leave them to their fate.  If they attack us, our response should be their destruction, not their rehabilitation.

3.  The best defenses against Islamic barbarity are (a) energy independence and (b) the end of all Islamic immigration into the West, including encouraging those here to leave.  Islamic immigration is a demographic time bomb that will eventually eradicate western civilization and all of its great art, culture and political institutions that were developed over many centuries.  The Constitution, the Magna Charta, the Bill of Rights --  all will be replaced with barbaric Sharia law.

Britain, France and Italy are all busy replacing their populations with hordes of immigrant Muslims, and unless there is a major pushback from their traditional demographic, western civilization may eventually disappear.

The future of the world will not be progress and enlightenment, but barbarism.  Perhaps that is the natural state of man after all.

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Always On Watch said...

Complete agreement with your assessment, Stogie.

Al that blood and treasure -- and for what?