Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brett Kimberlin and Julia Scyphers (Photoshop)

Brett Kimberlin goes to trial tomorrow, serving as his own plaintiff attorney, in what clearly appears to be a vexatious lawsuit to intimidate bloggers from writing about his criminal past and his current, unsavory undertakings, i.e. repression of the First Amendment through lawfare.

Kimberlin was, and still is, a chief suspect in the 1978 murder of a 65 year old grandmother, Julia Scyphers.  The story of this is detailed throughout the web.  Simply google "Julia Scyphers."  Here, for example.

If there is someone, anyone out there who knows who ordered the hit on Julia Scyphers, you are an accomplice to murder unless you go to the police.  Don't die with that on your soul.  God is waiting for you....and so is Julia Scyphers.  The most important trial you may face is the one that comes after this life.

Julia Scyphers Reaches Out From The Grave


BKWatch said...

Good post. I agree with the opening of your last paragraph and will be re-posting it. For sure, William Bowman knows who ordered the hit, and maybe others.

Stogie Chomper said...

Is William Bowman still alive? I read somewhere that he's dead.

BKWatch said...

I actually have no idea.