Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michael Brown's Partner In Crime Recants: Admits Brown Went For Officer's Gun

Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown's partner in crime, started the massive riots in Ferguson by lying to the media.  He claimed that Officer Wilson grabbed Brown by the throat from the open window of his police cruiser, then pulled out his pistol and shot Brown.  As Brown backed away, he raised his arms in surrender and said "Don't shoot!"  Wilson then allegedly felled Brown with a flurry of gunshots.

But Johnson lied about the whole thing.  He now admits that Brown went for the officer's gun.  That Brown attacked Wilson is beyond dispute, now that serious damage to Wilson's orbital eye socket (from Brown's fist) has been revealed.

How much more truth will Johnson reveal?  Methinks he will sing like a canary to avoid jail.

Hat tip to Blazing Hat Fur.

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