Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ISIS Is The True Face of Islam: Pure Evil

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,  is absolutely brutal, ruthless, merciless.  This military style force has taken over large parts of both Syria and Iraq.  Their goal is to restore the Islamic Caliphate.  The Caliphate was formed after Muhammad's death, a kind of Islamic Papacy, that rules over all Muslims worldwide.  It existed for many decades, until it was dissolved after World War I.  However, Muslims want it back.

ISIS has been executing Christians, Shiite Muslims, Kurds and Yazidis for some time now.  They behead many, crucify others, and shoot many more.  They are pure evil, but they are the true face of Islam.  They are merely following the example of their "prophet," Muhammad, who was also a ruthless, murdering megalomaniac who committed similar atrocities in the name of his "religion."

Yesterday a YouTube video came to light with the title "A Message To America," showing the beheading murder of American journalist, James Wright Foley.  These sub-humans seem to think that such atrocities will strike fear into our hearts and make us stop all opposition to their evil.  It will have the opposite effect.  In light of such barbaric mass murder, our determination to wipe out ISIS grows stronger daily.  Jihadis must die, all of them, without exception.

I wanted US troops out of Iraq.  Now I want them back in.  Not to make democrats out of the Shiites, but to kill ISIS, wipe them out to the last man.  They say they love death.  Let's give it to them.

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DonaldDouglas said...

Nice posting, Stogie. Yes, I wouldn't really prefer a new U.S. quagmire in Iraq, but I'd sure like some operations to take out the vile ISIS murderers.