Saturday, August 09, 2014

ISIS Must Die

I have never been a bit reticent in proclaiming my everlasting hatred for Islam, its religion and its culture.  It is barbaric, dedicated to mass murder and totalitarian rule.

ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is the most retrograde and brutal yet, of all the Islamic terrorist groups that have come before it.   They are murdering Christians and other religious groups in mass numbers, executing other Muslims (the Shiites) by firing squad.   Some Christians have been crucified.  ISIS vermin are beheading many and putting the severed heads on pikes as a warning to others.  Even small children of Christian parents are being beheaded.  This is a true genocide, unlike the leftist fairy tale of IDF genocide in Gaza.

ISIS is the epitome of evil, one large, unfolding atrocity, a massive crime against humanity.

Obama has finally ordered a few limited air strikes against the ISIS invaders, which is too little and too late for my tastes.

I would hate to have to resort to more American "boots on the ground," exposing our troops to the murderous madness of Islam.  However, non-Muslims are the most at risk, the Christians, Kurds and the Yazidis.  I would like to see boots on the ground, American troops committed to wiping out ISIS to the last man.  Not capturing them, not reforming them, not rehabilitating them -- but killing them.  This would serve as a warning to the rest of the Islamic world that we are fed up with their murderous ways.

Once the ISIS thugs are all dead, then we dictate terms to the government of Iraq:  no more Jew hatred, no more unequal treatment of women, no more intolerance of all other (peaceful) religions.  [Update:  And no more Sharia law.]


dave said...

Kill them all fuck isis

Stogie Chomper said...

You said it.

Levent said...

Killing people is not the answer becose there are always people who want imitated This terrors, thats why i say please take a Big Bomb to be shure that this people never Kill in the name of Allah and God! is Terrorist must die!

Missye said...

Kill all them SOB...then maybe there will no morr use for killing

Jason said...