Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Rant Against Black Racism: Worth Re-Reading

Not long ago, another "white" (actually, a Hispanic) shot and killed a black teenager who was attacking him. The teenager was Trayvon Martin, and his targeted victim was George Zimmerman.  The left attempted to legally lynch Zimmerman for saving his own life from the violent black teenager.  The vitriol from the left, both black and white, was massive.  However, the local police had concluded that Zimmerman acted in self-defense, and refused to charge him with a crime.  Nevertheless, Zimmerman faced a trial for murder, brought by a leftist district attorney, in what was clearly a political trial.  Zimmerman was acquitted.

That was a tipping point for me, and I let both blacks and liberals have it, in one of my best rants of all time.  Rereading it now, it could easily apply to the Michael Brown case.  Here are my salient points:
  • In my humble opinion, blacks are the most racially-conscious group in the United States, and in fact, the most racist. Whenever a crime involves a black, the black populace will support him or her, no matter what they did to their non-black victims. Black people, as a whole, have no empathy or sympathy for the non-black victims of black crime. To most black people, the color of their skin is all that matters; it is their one great unifying principle. Every other consideration is secondary.
  • Trayvon Martin had it coming, not because he was black, but because he was a violent punk who picked the wrong victim. Many of us non-blacks are reaching a tipping point in our tolerance of black dysfunction and black attitudes. Are we biased against blacks? Hell yes, how could we be otherwise? Though most of us will never admit it, white prejudice is justified by black crime and black attitudes. Our discrimination is rational, because we desire to preserve our physical safety and remain untouched by black violence and crime. That to us is more important than mouthing socially polite inanities about racial equality and the evils of profiling. For those who would survive, profiling is entirely rational and justified.
  • So what's the solution?  There are no simple answers, but one of the most necessary and important things we can do is to tell the truth. Blacks are solely responsible for their own bad attitudes, poor life choices, dysfunctional families and criminal acts, as well as the aftermath (like getting shot while attacking someone). As a society, we must stop providing them with cover, with rationalizations, with excuses for their bad behavior. Institutionalized anti-white racism must cease, including that by President Obama, the universities, and the media.
Read it all here.

Update:  A related article is posted at American Thinker:  Black Racism Is Politically Correct.  This article, which I just now read, makes the same point I make above:  much of the solution is to tell the uncomfortable truth.  Kevin Jackson writes:
White Liberals do NOT help the black community, because they won't tell black people the truth. As Thomas Sowell said about truth,

"When you want to help people, you tell the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell people what they want to hear."

America will change when Americans have the guts to tell black people the truth.

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