Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Free Palestine" is Code for "Kill the Jews"

American Power has a slew of disturbing photos this morning.  It seems that tens of thousands in London are once again protesting Israel's self defense in Gaza, carrying signs that say "Free Palestine," "Stop the American-Israeli War on the Palestinian People," and even "Support the Intifada" (the indiscriminate murder of Jews by by bombs).

Europe is a very sick puppy right now.  England, France and Italy have run up the white flag and thrown open the gates to barbarians.  Their leaders have carelessly and casually pissed away Western Civilization, by allowing millions of Muslim immigrants into their countries, and to replace the standards of higher civilization with hatred, ignorance and intolerance.  "Free Palestine" is a transparent code for "Kill the Jews."  Somewhere in Hell, Hitler is smiling.

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Luis said...

"I stand with Israel" is code for ''I'm cool with Israel killing as many Palestinian kids as it likes, bombing Gaza's only power plant and demolishing tens of thousands of homes.'' Racist pieces of shit like you can be convinced to support ANY murder or atrocity so long as it happens to a brown-skinned person. Then your first task it to look for reasons why your heroes were ''justified'' for what they did. You're pathetic, Stogie. And a disgusting moral coward to boot. Does it upset you that recently, 200 Holocaust survivors wrote an open letter condemning Israel's conduct? Maybe these are among your ''kill Jews'' crowd. Or that hundreds of Israeli soldiers have refused to serve in the Occupied Territories? Of course not, because you're too busy slurping on the giant dong of power and aggression to notice such things. Pathetic, as I said. And utterly despicable.