Tuesday, August 19, 2014

There Are Good Black People Too. Thank God For Them.

In my disgust with the blame-whitey crowd and their rush to judgment to condemn Officer Darren Wilson, their willingness to believe the most absurd scenarios surrounding the death of Michael Brown, I got a little agitated.  I said what needed to be said about a lot of black people, and I think I spoke the truth and was fair.  However, it would not be fair not to note that there are many good black people out there, too.

The good blacks seem to be in short supply, but maybe there are many who just can't speak up.  Peer pressure and social ostracism are strong deterrents to voicing unpopular truths.

When Reginald Denny was getting his head stomped in by a black mob following the Rodney King incident, two black people -- a man and a woman, if I remember correctly -- stepped out of the crowd and rescued Denny.  They put him back in his truck and then drove him to safety.

When some white man was getting stomped by a black mob in the Watts riots, a black preacher stepped out of the crowd and stood over the prone, injured man and began praying.  The mob dispersed.

Now we hear that over a dozen witnesses to the Brown shooting have come forward to corroborate the officer's version of events.  Surely, most of these witnesses were black.  Maybe all of them.

There is a high remnant of black men and women who add much to the world, and we are better off for their presence:  Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West (my choice for president, because his views so closely mirror my own), Herman Cain (whom I supported last time), Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, thousands of black policemen and women across the country.  And many more.

There are real incidences where some white man murdered a black teenager for no reason -- see here, for example.  I lambasted the murdering scum and cheered his conviction for murder.   I hate unfair accusations against white cops or non-black citizens who find themselves in dangerous confrontations with violent black young men.  However, I do not tolerate or excuse the actions of white people who truly abuse black kids, like the old coot linked above.  Find the truth and the justice, wherever it may be.

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