Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bail-Out: Watching the Barbarians Ransack Rome

It is truly horrifying, but a bit surreal, watching the Democrats dismantle the country and the economy. I imagine it's sort of like watching the barbarians ransack Rome. The mighty Roman army is no longer able to stop them.

The Democrats must feel like those barbarians. Carry off the gold and silver, ravage the women, drink the wine! There's no one to stop them. No accountability, no deterrance, no consequences.

Or, it's like watching one of those movie westerns where a band of bad guys ride into town where there's no sheriff and shoot the place up, ride their horses into the saloon, guzzle whiskey from stolen bottles, break windows while hollering "Yahoo!" Find a tinhorn and make him dance by firing bullets at his feet. We the audience are so P.O.ed watching this and can hardly wait til Clint Eastwood shows up to put the bastards in their place. Only we don't have a Clint Eastwood in our current drama.

Or, it's like watching the pandemonium on the Titanic as the passgeners realize, finally, that the ship really is sinking and there are only a few more lifeboats left. I remember one of the passengers in the film saying, "We've been dealt a bad hand." And so we have. The U.S.S. Economy has hit an iceberg and all the Democrats are below decks with hand drills, making new holes in the keel to let in more water. That'll save us.

I feel like the rich gentlemen passengers on the Titanic who saw the pandemonium and quickly surmised that they were doomed. They didn't scream and shout and run around in circles. They just stayed at their table in the smoking lounge, playing cards and smoking cigars. They figured: it's over so screw it. Let the damn ship sink.

I know how they felt.

Update: I think I just figured out why I feel like doing nothing in light of this unfolding disaster. While a train wreck is happening, you can't do much about it. You have to wait until until the wreckage stops moving before you can survey the damage and come up with a repair plan. Until it does all you can do is duck.

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Stogie said...

It is conservatives ruining America with their low taxation.