Saturday, February 14, 2009

Must Read Article: "Moderate" Muslim Beheads Wife in New York

Atlas Shrugs has the story. A so-called moderate Muslim in New York, who started a television station to improve the image of Muslims in America, murdered his estranged wife yesterday. He didn't just murder her, he beheaded her. The Dhimmi Press is reporting this as a domestic violence issue and leaving out the beheading part. To read their version you might get the impression the lady expired of natural causes in her husband's presence.

And get this: the husband was only charged with second degree murder for the deed. Second degree murder for decapitating someone! Good thing he didn't use a hand gun.

The cowardly news reporting is predictable, however. That's because, no matter how barbaric, backward, violent, cruel and savage Islam is, we simply cannot print facts that put Islam in a bad light. After all, what's really important? Merely protecting lives and property or avoiding offense to Muslims?

This is yet another installment in the continuing story of Islam in the West. It is why I have said, and will continue to say, "I HATE ISLAM." I want ISLAM BANNED FROM ALL WESTERN NATIONS. I want all devout Muslims DEPORTED, all mosques torn down, every Qur'an burned in a massive bonfire. Am I intolerant? You bet your ass I am: Intolerant of EVIL. Intolerant of MURDER. Intolerant of VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. And most of all, INTOLERANT of Western cowardice and denial in the face of it.


There, I said it and I'm glad.

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