Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's State of the Union Address

I listened to a lot of Obama's speech to Congress tonight. Personally, I found it dull and uninspiring. It was like a stump speech, lots of glowing promises amidst a half-hearted attempt to inspire. I wasn't inspired.

What I hear President Obama saying is that we're going to spend ungodly amounts of money that we don't have, enact huge mountains of red tape and regulations on business and the private sector, and get a new version of the National Recovery Act of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Will we get the blue eagle to display and a sign that says "We Do Our Part"?

There was a lot of the same old crapola: we must achieve energy independence with windmills and solar power -- no mention of domestic drilling or nuclear power; we must make health care affordable to all, not through restraining the predatory class called lawyers through tort reform, but by socializing medicine. This will ensure that health care is cheap and affordable by all, if you can get it. And when you do get it, it won't be worth what you pay for it, even with its government subsidies.

The American people really shot themselves in the foot when they elected this bunch. Oh well.

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