Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don Your Indian Garb: New Boston Tea Party Planned

Barack Obama is busily moving the country towards socialism and rights will be lost that are unlikely to ever be restored. He is increasing taxes and spending tons of money on all sorts of nonsense. If one wanted to destroy the United States of America from within, he couldn't come up with a better plan of action than the Obama agenda.

Occasionally, in American history, we have seen cataclysmic events occur wherein the people took matters into their own hands and offered stiff resistance to tyranny. The Boston Tea Party was one, where American colonists disguised themselves as American Indians, boarded British ships in Boston Harbor and thew their cargo of tea overboard. Seems they were peed off about higher taxes on tea.
Today Obama is raising taxes through the roof at the same time he is nationalizing health care. We are way over due for a new display of stiff resistance by patriots. Of course, throwing tea into Boston Harbor is a strategy that would have to be updated to be effective in our modern age.
Maybe we could throw Obama and his cabinet into Boston Harbor and keep the tea. It goes so well with cigars.

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