Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobby Jindal Scares Hell Out of Democrats

Following Obama's speech last night, Bobby Jindal gave the opposition party response. Jindal spoke from the governor's mansion in Lousiana. He was calm, smiling, warm and genuine in his remarks. He did not trash Obama or the Democrats, but offered an alternate vision in a polite and tactful manner. That vision was the conservative one: get government out of the way and let the individual create the economy we want and need.

One thing Jindal said that really struck home: the bail-out is an effort "to spend money we don't have on things we don't need." Truer words were never uttered.

Now, however, the Dems are doing to Jindal what they were doing to Sarah Palin a couple of months back: they are dismissing him as inadequate to lead the Republican Party or to be a serious presidential candidate in 2012. Democrats posing as Republicans are already on the message boards saying that, though they are Bobby Jindal supporters, his speech was a terrible disappointment and that if we can't do better than Jindal, we are doomed. Don't be fooled by this proactive propaganda.

The Democrat talking heads and pundits and columnists will diss Jindal nonstop, hoping that their slant on his abilities will become embedded in our subconscious, thus preventing him from becoming a major challenger to Obama in 2012. Callers pretending to be Republicans will call Rush Limbaugh and other shows and repeat Democrat talking points to denigrate Jindal.

Be forewarned and watch for it.

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