Sunday, February 01, 2009

Of Cowboys and Cream Puffs: Obama's Effect on World's Tyrants

Rush Limbaugh likes to joke about the "testicle lock box" into which liberal feminists deposit men's gonads, locking them up so they can't be used. It's a funny joke.

However, the testicle lock box is an effective and accurate metaphor for the wasted years that a Democrat occupies the White House. Every few years America likes to lock its own gonads into a testicle lock box, and assume a weak, cowardly and utterly naive position before the world's tyrants and despots.

The wrong-headed assumption of Democrats is that despots are only reacting to our own militarism -- they feel threatened, or insulted, or marginalized. All we have to do to ensure world peace is raise their self esteem by talking to them, giving them free billions, and above all, showing them RESPECT. After all, what is a third world tyrant anyway? He's just a frustrated Democrat.

Yes, tyrants may feel marginalized, insulted and dissed, but mostly they just feel constrained, i.e. in their ambition to invade, undermine, sabotage and enslave the surrounding populations. However, with the election of our latest gonad self-lockboxing wimp, our defense budget will be slashed and our moral clarity muddied. Despots the world over are breathing easier and plotting new excursions into other people's territory.

Case in point. This past week North Korea said it was ditching a nonaggression pact and all other peace accords with South Korea. A North Korean newspaper said in a commentary that the tension may lead to "an unavoidable military conflict and a war."

Another case in point. President Ahmadinejad of Iran said that Obama's offer to talk proved that America was weak and that our policies have failed, and that we should apologize to Iran, presumably for standing in their way of Islamacizing the world and nuking Israel.

The huge cockroach posing as the President of Venezuela has been particularly brave and obnoxious lately, sending Israeli ambassadors home and kissing up to Ahmadinejad. Then there's the old Commie Revolutionary Fidel, who is demanding we give back Gitmo. Under a Republican Administration, he wouldn't have wasted his breath.

The world's despots know all about the Testicle Lock Box. They also know that it currently bears the official seal of the President of the United States.

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