Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Latest Non-Political Posts

My friend Kate in France noticed that lately I have been posting on non-political subjects. She's right.

The political situation for our country seems dire to me, if not disasterous. The far left is in control and poised to do all the nasty things they've been promising forever: gut the military, socialize the economy, remove guns from private ownership, and shut down conservative talk radio. Their latest gambit is an attempt to take over the national census which will allow them to influence the number of representatives in Congress -- probably by adding "estimates" of non-responders in Democrat strongholds and thereby increasing the number of Democrat representatives. They tried that once before under Clinton, but didn't have control of the census. Rest assured, Barack "Acorn" Obama will try it again, and that explains this latest power grab.

I don't see how the country can hang together with these fools in power. America won't be America any more. In many conservative blogs and online venues, I see conservatives talking revolution and secession if the liberals make good on their promises. Perhaps we have come to that; only time will tell.

Meanwhile the gigantic porkfest underway in Washington will debauch the economy for decades to come and all but bankrupt future generations of Americans, who will still be paying for it when we're all dead.

What can we do about it at this point? Try like hell to organize and elect Republicans in the next midterm elections; create effective opposition and resistance to the Democrat power grab, any way we can. Stall for time until we can boot the bums out.

There's a gentle rain falling outside my window. For now I will let it whisper me to sleep and let tomorrow's cares wait.

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