Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copenhagen's Collection of Collectivist Kleptocrats

Writer Andrew Bolt says Hugo Chavez, the Communist leader of Venezuela, received standing ovations at the Copenhagen climate summit yesterday.

What did he do to excite the crowed?  He denounced capitalism.

Copenhagen's collection of collectivist kleptocrats are meeting to "fight global warming," and the way to do that is for producing countries (i.e. capitalists) to transfer billions of dollars to non-producing countries (i.e. socialists).  The giant climate hoax is nothing more than a giant scam, similar to those emails we all regularly receive from Nigeria informing us that we have won a million pounds or dollars (just supply your name and bank account number to receive your prize).

Get a life, losers.  There ain't no free lunch.  Capitalism works, socialism doesn't.

Read Andrew Bolt's article here.

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