Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lady with Shotgun Kills Intruder in Oklahoma (911 Audio)

Donna Jackson of Cushing, Oklahoma called 911 when an agitated man pounded on her doors Friday morning.  The man, drunk and on drugs, was determined to get into her house.  Jackson called 911, who summoned the police.  The police must have been a long ways away from Jackson's home, because the crazy man might have died of old age by the time they arrived.

Jackson stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatcher while the police were in route.  As the intruder's pounding became more insistent, Jackson retrieved her loaded shotgun from a closet and took the safety off.

Jackson told the dispatcher that she "did not want to kill this man" but that she would "kill him graveyard dead" if he broke in.

Finally, the man threw a table through a glass door, breaking it.  That's when Donna Jackson aimed and fired, killing the man, one Billy Dean Riley, 53.  Riley had been a narcotics addict and alcoholic with a number of drunk driving arrests.

The 911 recording of the event can be heard here.

Update:  Another Oklahoma woman shoots an intruder (January 2012).  See details here.

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